Reiner Swanepoel is a Pendoring award-winning and SAFREA registered Port Elizabeth based freelance graphic designer specializing in brand communication, graphic design, and website design in all its visual forms.

Introducing graphic design that inspires. Based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design combines graphic design with strategic thinking to deliver divinely inspired design solutions for national and international brands.

Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design is the studio of choice for professional brand communication, graphic design, and website design in all its visual forms. Including bespoke logo design, corporate identity design, and product packaging design, as well as the design of advertising and marketing materials, social media assets, websites, and web applications. Anything you can imagine, I can make happen; by harnessing a unique mix of creativity, logic, and a touch of magic.

Drawing on over a decade's worth of experience, I dedicate my days to providing full-service graphic design solutions from concept to execution. My creative concepts, meticulous process, and personable service will exceed your expectations.


Discover how freelance graphic designer Reiner Swanepoel can help grow your brand equity through inspired design and strategic positioning.

As a freelance graphic designer, I have built up a formidable track record of creating beautiful and functional designs for many applications. Since graduating with a BTech in Graphic Design from the formerly known Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2009, graphic design has become intertwined with my existence.

My design career began in Port Elizabeth, where I worked as a graphic designer on a diverse range of client portfolios. This was followed by an art director position at a Gauteng-based advertising agency before my return to Port Elizabeth to focus on content management system (CMS) website design and social media design.

I took the freelancer’s leap of faith and started Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design in 2019.


There is every reason to partner with Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design.

Choosing a graphic designer is a crucial decision as it can spell the difference between ingenuity and mediocrity. Here are a few reasons why you’ll be making the right choice.


Excellence is found in the small details, and it is for this reason I have developed a keen eye for accuracy and attention to detail.


A customer-centric philosophy not only guides the way I work, it is also central to creating great designs that appeal to each clients' target market.


Extensive industry experience had developed my skill for crafting a wide range of designs and seeing them through from concept to execution.


Strategy is at the forefront of my mind, and it forms a solid foundation for every design project.


Building a brand takes creativity, skill, and strategy - and, sometimes, just a touch of magic. Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design offers this and so much more.


Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design offers all the graphic design services a brand requires, from development to implementation. View all the graphic design services on offer.

Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design offers all the graphic design services a brand requires, from development to implementation.



For Adverts That Inspire Action

I will meet with you to discuss your advertising requirements and expectations. Once these aspects are established, I can design and create the content for your adverts, as well as have them placed for you in the relevant media. This design service includes, but is not limited to, graphic design for online and traditional advertising campaigns, outdoor advertising, print media advertising, point of sale displays, and transit advertising to mention a few.



For A Visual Identity That Builds Brand Equity

From established businesses needing a brand rejuvenation to start-ups requiring bespoke brand design, I can assist with all corporate identity requirements. Including all-important brand elements such as your logo, slogan, and tagline. This design service includes, but is not limited to, logo design and logo rejuvenation, graphic design for banners, corporate apparel, corporate gifts, flyers, posters, as well as interior, exterior, and vehicle signage, amongst others. Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design believes creating a brand extends beyond creating a logo, it is further reflected in the corporate space. I have partnered with Blackbird Concepts on various projects to ensure our clients' visions are also carried through to the interior design.



For Tangible Elements That Connect With Customers

I can design important company documents, generate the content for each, and outsource an affordable professional printing company so that you can inform customers about your company and who you are. This design service includes, but is not limited to, the design of annual reports, brochures and company profiles, coffee table books, magazines, menus, and product catalogs, to name a few.



For Custom Packaging That Sets Your Brand Apart

My approach to packaging design is simple. It is to focus on who you currently serve and use this information to design a custom package solution that stands out and appeals to your target market. I have a proven track record in all aspects of the creative process, from conceptualization to execution. This includes packaging design experience with cartons, cardboard, glass for products, metal, and plastic in the FMCG industry.



For Social Media Design That Inspires Loyalty and Recognition

My approach to social media design includes creating a unique content calendar with custom social media designs and integrating your company’s marketing strategy with the online world. I design social media assets such as cover photos and post images for various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. I have also partnered with a digital marketing agency, VibeTrybe to assist in managing social media accounts.



For Web Design That Attracts, Retains and Converts

As a website designer, I can create tailored web experiences that are designed with the user in mind. This will not only appeal directly to your target market but will help you move your desired clientele farther along the sales funnel. This service involves working closely with you to design an authentic aesthetic while taking into consideration your company culture, selling points, and values. I am also in proud collaboration with 5D Global who creates high-quality Virtual Tours at affordable rates.


I work best with business owners who value carefully considered and well-crafted designs.

My best work gets the best results for your brand. So to give each design my full attention and uphold the highest quality standards, there is a limit to the number of new projects I take on at any given time. Please enquire to get your project booked in for the nearest available opening.


View examples of the latest graphic design work by freelance graphic designer Reiner Swanepoel.

View my graphic design portfolio where I have shared a selection of my latest creations.


Become a Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design client and you will be in good company. Here are some of our valued clients to date.

You are in good company as a client of Reiner Swanepoel Graphic Design. Here are a few of the wonderful brands I have been fortunate to work with.


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My goal as a graphic designer is to create a design that will help grow your business. If you are interested in designing something magical, then get in touch today! Complete the form below, e-mail me at, or phone: +27 67 024 9123. Due to traceability issues, no communication via WhatsApp or any other messaging platform will be accepted. To perform at my maximum capacity as a graphic designer, I respectfully request that all phone calls please be scheduled via e-mail.